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Chinese calligraphy is a system of aesthetic handwriting expressed through the combination of brush movements in strokes. It takes time, perseverance and practice for skill mastery. Calligraphy is Chinese writing in masterful styles. Calligraphy writing shows elegance and dexterousness. It is beautiful Oriental text with hidden meanings. People are beginning to explore this popular urban tattoo trend. The best writing tattoos come from calligraphy.

Calligraphy tattoos have become a fashionable cult these days. They can be seen everywhere. Trendy crowds use Chinese characters or fancy Asian words for body decoration. Calligraphy is a language art, a treasure in China. This explains why the 2008 Beijing Olympics featured a spectacular display of Chinese writing in its opening ceremony. Although mostly unintelligible to westerners, calligraphy is deemed by the Chinese as 'the supreme art'. It is more able to express lofty thoughts than painting. The artistry of Chinese calligraphy makes it ideal for tattoo designs.

calligraphy writing tattoos: personality and styles

Looking for the best writing tattoos? You should try calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy has different styles. Each style is unique and can speak enormously about you. Calligraphy styles are sensuous expressions of the true self. They can be the symbolic representation of your emotion, passion, cherished memory or reflection of a lifetime. Chinese calligraphy falls into five different styles (script). Choose the one that suits your personality.

1) seal script calligraphy tattoo - mysterious, cute

jyp-seal Seal script is the most ancient writing in China. This calligraphy style has a mysterious appeal. It looks more like pictogram than words. The symbols appear like animals in a mythology. Seal script is decorative and cute. It goes with oriental designs like geisha, samurai or fantasy theme. Try a lower back tattoo in seal script calligraphy. Other ideas include necklace tattoos, garter, arm band. Seal script is not fully readable. However, its charming appearance makes it a popular tattoo style.

Personality: Do you like adventures or explore the unknown? Do you fancy symbolism or mystery? If yes, seal script calligraphy tattoos are perfect for you.
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2) clercial script calligraphy tattoo - elegant, sophisticated

jyp-seal Clerical script is easily recognized by its splendour. This calligraphy style is marked by smooth curves and elegant strokes. Clerical script has an understated glamour that you won't forget. It is great for names tattoo, or short phrases. The words are completely readable. Clerical script goes with feminine or girly designs flowers, angels, or cherry blossom. Likewise, you can use it for male tattoos like bushido, sword or dragon. The splendid symbols accentuate your masculinity.

Personality: You love elegance and sophistication. You prefer classic designs. If yes, clerical script calligraphy tattoo would be ideal.
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3) regular script calligraphy tattoo - original, simple

jyp-seal Regular script is the most common of all calligraphy styles. And it is the easiest to read. Most Chinese tattoos are done regular script. The words are even and unadorned. They look neat and natural. Although regular script does not have a distinct flair, its beauty lies in its simplicity. You can use regular script for any designs like portrait tattoo, sayings and proverbs. Meaningful words like eternity, strength, friendship or loyalty are also good ideas. Regular script is popular because it is versatile and original.

Personality: Suit people who prefer the basics and originality. If you love a simple or natural design, regular script calligraphy tattoo is your choice.
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4) running script calligraphy tattoo - liberal, free

jyp-seal Running script looks similar to cursive script. This calligraphy style shares the dynamics of cursive script. Yet, it is easier to read. Running script has a liberal look. It is stylish, spunky and charming. It shows audacity but does not exceed the limit. The writing is dynamic and flows in a liberal manner. It is great for men and for women.

Personality: Do you like to try new things and breakthrough? For those who are open-minded but follow what is acceptable, running script calligraphy tattoo will suit you.
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5) cursive script calligraphy tattoo - wild, untamed

jyp-seal Cursive script (grass style writing) is noted for its abstract beauty. It is vivacious, daring and dynamic. At times, it shows a frantic look. People call it 'crazy writing' as it observes no rules. Of the five calligraphy styles, cursive script is the least identifiable. The strokes are joined and symbols are simplified. The grass style is great for tattoo quotes, love phrase, and tribal designs. The symbols can be placed on the wrist, ankle or spine.
People who can read regular/popular/printed forms of Chinese characters may not be able to read the cursive script. In other words, cursive script is not completely readable.
Cursive script can have links and without links, depending on your preference. It means that each character can be separate from another character (no link). Alternately, the character can be connected to the succeeding ones (with links). The links are produced by the natural brush movement. They enhance the aesthetic look of the writing.

If You Choose Cursive Script (Grass Style):
- Your writing tattoo will not be completely readable. Cursive script looks very different from regular script calligraphy. If you want your text to be readable (less abstract), choose cursive script mixed with running script. This will give you a well balanced look.

Personality: Suit people who are independent, daring and free thinkers. If you are full of gusto and care less about convention, cursive script calligraphy tattoo will speak your personality.
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Tattoo Design Tip: Flying White

What is Flying White?
Calligraphy tattoo design is special. Since it is done by a calligraphy artist, it has a natural beauty that computer generated tattoo font lacks. Calligraphy tattoo has what is called "Flying White", the magical brushing movement created by the artist.

Flying White is ideal for skin art because it charming. It shows vitality and personality. Look carefully at the pictures, Flying White means you have fuzzy edges, uneven strokes, irregular dots or jagged turns in your tattoo designs. In all, the words are not clear-cut. This is because they are not re-touched or modified in any way to give a polished cosmetic look. Instead, it is pure and original.

Flying White conveys spontaneity and unbridled individuality. It looks especially beautiful with big Chinese characters. This is why many clients asked for Flying White.

DO NOT Choose Flying White If:
- You like clean writing, smooth strokes, and round ends.
- You want small Chinese writing. (Flying white does not look good in small Chinese characters)

Extra Fee
If you choose the Flying White style in the beginning, but later change your mind for a polished smooth style (which requires re-touching), an extra fee applies.

flying white seal style flying white clerical script flying white running script flying white glass style

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