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david beckham's chinese tattoo, life and death meaning

Celebrity David Beckham has a tattoo with a philosophical meaning. This is a Chinese proverb. It reads "Death and life have pre-determined appointments; riches and honor are from heaven" 『生死有命,富貴由天』. His etching received numerous media attention. The press praised Beckham for being "thoughtful at tattoos", that he "doesn't just rush in".

Although Beckham's etching has won applause worldwide, I feel that his writing tattoo can be improved. In particular, the meaning leans towards pessimism and inertia. I know that Beckham is a great athlete. He has an accomplished sports career. Stardom commands that he deliver success all the times. If I were to do Beckham's tattoo I would choose a positive meaning. It would convey optimism, progress and action. Here are my suggestions.

beckham tattoo proverb: various choices in meanings

  1. The Chinese proverb 『謀事在人, 成事在天』 is a good choice. The closest English equivalent is "You do your best, God will do the rest" without the religious meaning. The literal translation is "Man tries his best. Success depends on Heaven". In other words, "Man has tried the best he won't feel shame. If the result is failure, he accepts the destiny." This Chinese phrase can apply to Beckham and sportsmanship.
  2. The Chinese saying 『隨遇而安』 "Be comfortable for what one encounters" is appropriate for Beckham. It has the same meaning as my previous suggestion, but in a shorter expression.
  3. The Chinese quote 『勝負乃兵家常事』 "Victory or defeat is common for military strategists" can be used. This saying is used for morale boost in military operations. It highlights a "General's grace" 『大將風度』 in that he will not feel frustrated in times of failure. In fact, 『大將風度』 "General's grace" can also be used for Beckham.

To have an awesome Chinese tattoo, you must pay attention to the meanings. Great meanings spawn admiration and attraction. Never underestimate them. In a world where more people are becoming familiar with Chinese culture and language, your tattoo meanings will represent what you. Bad meanings produce bad impression.

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