Fascinating Chinese calligraphy on Xuan paper

The most fascinating Chinese calligraphy is written with a Chinese brush on the water expanding Chinese Xuan paper. In the west Xuan paper is uaually called Rice paper. The hair of a Chinese brush facilitated greatly the evolution and perfection of the daily writing techniques into the specialized art of calligraphy in old China. More over the invention of Chinese paper was decidedly a major event in the developmental stages of the Chinese calligraphy. The sensitivity of the Chinese Xuan paper matches perfectly with the soft and pliable hair of Chinese brush. Chinese brush is the best tool for writing, however because of its softness, a beginner will find it difficult to control especially on water expanding paper.

Full focus to create the artwork

Full focus by concentrating the spirit Chinese calligraphy does not consist in writing Chinese characters. Writing Chinese characters does not need full focus; this is so in casual writing in any languages. Practicing calligraphy needs full focus and concentration of the spirit. Filling and retouching strokes is not allowed in calligraphy, because it breaks the chi and the flow of energy. Therefore the calligrapher must have "Intention" before executing the brush movement. In calligraphy each stroke must be controlled which means that length, width, direction, shape, intensity, speed and void are consequences of the original intention. The morphology of each stroke is not similar most of the time, so they merge into a harmonious structure for the whole character. Finally and not the least, every character must be integrated with all the others in the whole piece of calligraphy in order to achieve the artistic realm of "Harmony and Difference".

Artful voice cannot be ignored.

The main colors of traditional Calligraphy artwork are black, white and a touch of red. These neutral colors go well with the surroundings, whether at the office or in the house. A piece of calligraphy on a wall can remind us of the beliefs, promises or maxims that are part of our life. A piece of calligraphy is a silent companion whose artful voice cannot be ignored.

peaceful mind sony mai highest good as water, seal
highest good as water Jayson Ho highest good, regular
having or not having without desire descendant of zhang observe heaven

about 9x14 inches (23x36 cm) 150$ cad
about 14x27 inches (35x69 cm) 280$ cad

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